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More than 30 years experience with (strength) calculations in steam boiler, tank and pipeline construction

Based on this wealth of experience, which cannot be materially quantified, we are happy to support you with structural-mechanical consulting and calculation services for

Info for first-time visitors

Portal for calculations in apparatus and plant engineering

  • The IBL would like to provide project engineers, designers and calculation engineers with a platform for information exchange and for the exchange of ideas…[More]
Which material
  • is the most suitable for my problem? Information about…[Read more]
Tools for project engineers and designers
  • Especially in the project phase, simple, rough estimates to determine the required dimensions, permissible pressures and temperatures, etc. are already helpful…[Read more]
How to select parts, groups and components
  • Not only suppliers have the possibility to store information on characteristic values, selection and calculation algorithms for their components such as gaskets, compensators, pipe supports, etc…[Read more]
A treasure trove of problems, solutions, algorithms
  • This section presents specific problems, but also opinions on various software solutions…[Read more]
Information for pupils, students, programmers

Internships, diploma subjects

  • The IBL offers pupils and students numerous opportunities to get involved in finding and programming algorithms to solve technical problems. In addition to internships and holiday jobs, pupils from Engelskirchen can take part in the maths club supervised by IBL…[Read more]

Note: Gender-sensitive language is important to us. Therefore, we use gender-neutral terms on this portal whenever possible. In addition, we use the generic masculine. This explicitly refers to all genders (m/f/d). This procedure is for editorial reasons only and does not imply any kind of judgement.

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